Real-time open-source traffic data

A #VisionZero project

In 2010 in New York City, traffic congestion resulted in 190 million gallons of wasted fuel, 465 million wasted person hours, 1.7 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, billions of dollars in lost productivity, and caused an estimated 337 premature deaths.

Open Traffic is a cloud-based repository populated with vehicle data from software applications used by New York State and City Agency fleets, private fleets, and consumer vehicles.

Open Traffic aims to allow broad, free access to traffic information — to reduce congestion, reduce fatalities, improve transportation investments, and promote multi-modal travel.

By matching traffic data to newly-accessible data on collisions, we hope to better identify correlations between traffic conditions and collisions.

A project of Bandwagon, based at the Urban Future Lab in Brooklyn, NY.

Meet The Team

Maulik Pokiya


Maulik works with urban data to develop better routing and matching algorithms.

Brendan Dalton


Ugur Inanc

Operations director

Nadia Garbosky

Ride partner

Nadia communicates with Bandwagon's growing community through the World Wide Web and in person.

Jack Ratner


David Mahfouda

Co-founder of Bandwagon

David is devoted to fixing. He co-founded the Fixers Collective, which repairs broken objects, and is CEO of Bandwagon, which aims to repair the problem of wasted space in taxis.


Dan Luxemburg

Chief technical officer

Dan oversees development of the Bandwagon mobile app and the curb-side HOP Lane.

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